Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Frosting for your Cupcakes!

I want something lovely! Admit it, you want to prance around in front of a mirror or in front of your sexcapades partner in something that screams HOTTIE!!!! You want to peel off that button down top and show..... just a little at a time.... that sweet, sexy, tempting, tantalizing frosting to your cake... I am talking about the lingerie that makes your partner worship at the alter of lust! Go ahead, we all deserve a little something something to make us feel sexy all day, and then oh and then let that lucky someone unwrap the public you to see the private sex kitten in all her silky glory!!!!!!

Fiberfill cups with adjustable straps and lace trimmed bustier dress with lace-up back panel. Matching cotton crotch full back panty.Underwire lace up front bustier with contrast lace trim, comes with garterclips.Satin bustier with center front hook & eye closure, eyelash lace detailing, padded underwire cups and boning.Pink satin with lace overlay strapless corset with satin boning detail and lace ruffle neckline and hem trim. Hook and eye front closure, removable garter straps, and adjustable hip.Satin with point d'esprit mesh overlay corset with attached inner lace underwire bra. Hook and eye back closure, lace-up front detail, satin boning trim and removable shoulder and garter straps.Polka dot print stretch mesh with spandex underwire bustier with black lace trim, molded bra cups, satin ribbon and mesh flower trim, hook and eye closure and removable garter straps.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Yourself

Really take the time to buy yourself something lovely and shower yourself with attention, or give yourself some attention in the shower!!!!!! Getting cranky,tek some you time and release some endorphin.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gift Ideas for those that like color.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Romantic without being presumtuous

There are times when you just know you are getting laid. You change the sheets, set out some oil, maybe some chocolate and wine, when she lays eyes on all the work you have done she sneers at you and says something like.... "Think you were getting some?" well yeah........ not the right answer. So here are a few little gems for those who have the "hard to get" game going with their lover. Candles, but not just any candles.... these are cleverly disguised as every day candles, when really they are massage oil and pheromones hidden by a clever packaging. Smile, light one, sit back and chat, then dip a finger in the wax, let her/him feel how nice the smooth oil is..... it should be a naked massage session in no time. Enjoy!!!!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So many Toys so little Alone Time

Hello my sexy darlings!

I have a few toys I would like you to ponder, the holidays are coming up and with the added stress the endorphin from orgasms are a matter of self sanity preservation. I will be doing a holiday list of tips and tricks but for now how about a list of treat.

The first item that has tantalized us the Ivibe 5x. it is a mini kit, a vibe with five attachments. This little wonder can fit into a purse no problem, and if it spills out it looks like a flashlight ..... not really but you are confident and fabulous enough to pull it off. Each of the five attachments is designed for a different type of stimulation giving you 5 options to choose from. The noise level is fairly low, I would not suggest pulling this one out at work, but a quicky in your car with the music on will not be noticed. Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free. but more importantly affordable. At it is $34.99. and it comes in a three different colors. This is just a fun little item that will let you, inexpensively see what you like, how you like it and where you like it.

Another treat for my more kinky of readers is a new book by Dr. Charley Ferrer, now don't roll your eyes, jsut because she is a doctor does not mean she does not know how to play doctor. It is called "BDSM for Writers” and “BDSM: The Naked Truth" You can check out the review at

Kama Sutra weekenders kit, now this is more for couples I know but humor me, this is great stuff, a little entices your partner to lick and tickle and rub in ways that before were rushed or part of the deal to move on to the more active play, but this makes them want to linger, want to run their tongue over you just a little longer. Smooth, silky a flavored this kit has something to titilate everyone. It makes the perfect gift for a partner because whether they use it on you or let you use it on them it is win win! Best of all the oil is great with a vibe too, just the right amount of tingly heat and slick sweet sensation. has a number of Kama Sutra products available complete with reviews to help you choose.

initially I want to talk about the most luxurious little dual action vibe I have seen. silicone, waterproof, rechargeable, powerful, ergonomic, multi-function, and travel-friendly the Soraya looks as sexy as it feels. Just holding it feels decadent and delicious using it is fantastic. This is a higher end item and so a little pricier but something this sleek and powerful deserves the price. Now this is a ridgid toy, the shaft does not bend but the power of the vibration negates teh need for the standard gyration, if you are one for gyration (wanting what no guy can give) then this is one to skip, but if it is a hard shaft, powerful vibrations and deep penetration that rocks your world pick up this sleek little darling and have a night in. This is also available at most sex toys stores online, there is a great little intro on it at (

Now that I have given you a few ideas for your toy search, just wait till next week when we start the Holiday tips and tricks to keep those endorphins pumping, or humping whatever.....

kisses my sexy darling!

Rachel Rave

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Phthalate Free means what to me?

Upgrade is the new remodel, or facelift of our times. Everything is upgraded, there are so many apps and alterations, personalization's and designs, I easily forget what G's we are on.... except of course if it is the G. We are advancing in momentous leaps and bounds. Technology and the bedroom make a Delicious duo that ultimately has the sole purpose of meeting and exceeding every naughty need. remote mini bullets and i-vibes, let that special someone miles away control your pleasure, lube that is designed to mingle for ultimate mixing, and most importantly, safe materials. This is where phthalate comes in, it is the chemical used to make PVC soft and pliable. The dilemma is, this insidious little mixture does not bind to the pvc so it can leech out into you! Yuck, I absorb enough junk, sugar, coffee, smog, voluntarily I don't think I want to ad chemicals to my sexlife.

So my bedroom enhancement divas it is our job to demand quality products we can trust for our most demanding hungers and vulnerable places. I am not saying to go vegan with your pleasure aids but I for one want to limit the pollution here, I may not be a green goddess but I am goddess enough to know I don't want that!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tie me up Tie me down

For all of you lovely luscious people who adore a little drama in the bedroom, a slow start into BDSM is a tasty way to spice up your night. I always thought that I was oh so risque whenever I was tied or my lover was tied to the bedpost. I am not entirely sure how this came about but last night I was tied to my curtain rod with my own panties as a gag. Although I am no stranger to Bondage, Domination, Sado, masochism, my freaky darlings it is addictive!!!!! My skin still tingles at the very thought of it all. My cloths were cut from me, the sharp steel was cold and just enough of scary. I was then blindfolded. Music played heavy and dark. I felt the softness of leather before the whip slapped against my skin. It stung in just the right way, clawing,, biting, whips, slaps, rough, skilled, clever hands combined pain and pleasure like food and salt. I had found these delightful candles that are also lotion and oooooohhhhh was that a treat. I know it was very very light but it was delicious fun. I love being a little afraid when there is nothing to truly be afraid of. I may get into more detail, a small how to for beginners in bondage but for now I am going to fondle the welts on my arms and thighs and think of how just a little spice makes the meal. Kisses to all and steamy thoughts RR