Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just for fun

We have been talking or typing, whatever, about solo nights, but that gives the impression that toys are for lonely harassed woman who don't like guys, don't have a guy, or can't get a guy, or ***gasp**** their guy does not please them, this is totally a misconception. Just for fun I bought a remote control bullet. It is this cute little tampon looking hot pink vibe. The remote is 30ft. Again it sounds like something for solo use, not so. I gave the power of the remote to my guy, thinking it would be fun to let him have control.

All the commercials and infomercials claim this little darlin will take you to over the top orgasms.......... well as far as I am concerned, they lied. This devil of a device got me to the edge and stopped, to the edge and stopped over and over until I thought I would cry. We were having a nice normal day, it was so much easier to talk to people I don't normally like when I have this delightfully vibrating secret. Cheerful to the point of scary, oh and the giggles, no one warns you that these things come with giggles. However as the day progressed hour after hour and no release I got very cranky, to the point that shy quite little me pulled my car over in a little camping area, and ravaged my guy. I mean broke the seat, ripped his cloths, may have drawn blood, ravaged. To say it was intense is an understatement. It was fun for him in a controlling kind of way but for me it was torture ending in explosive Ecstasy. These should come with a warning label may cause sexual frustration and ravaging.

Monday, June 7, 2010

7 Solo Nights Part 3

Dark deliciousness
Valla is the most detail oriented career minded person I know. That is until she is off work, then it is dark eye liner, 6 inch black boot heels and ity bity tank tops that show off risqué tattoos.

Valla: Give me rich thick blackness. Silk and satin with a little velvet for texture. I want leather, lace and just a touch of pain. This takes trust and imagination so who better to fulfill my wants than myself? I want it dark, if there is no-one’s eyes to fall into I want all my senses on full alert. I have the most beautiful and decadent glass vibe that is just for special occasions. Heavy metal, pounding base and rough manly voices, a glass piece straight from the fridge and no light at all, that is my solo night. I stretch out on black silk sheets, not a glimmer relieves the blackness, and the music is all around, pounding in my head, heart and blood. My lovely glass piece is just a little too cold. “Sex without pain is like food without salt” All senses are heightened, the heat of the room, the slide and slip of the sheets, cold vibrating glass and cinnamon all sharp and wonderfully erotic. That is my solo night.

Monday, May 17, 2010

7 Solo Nights Part 2

So sorry dear readers for the tardiness of my posting. It was more difficult than I thought it would be to get details from my normally chatty friends. Here, however, is the 2nd Solo story from one of the more gabby Ladies.

Elyssa: Fantasy Lover

I love to daydream, stare off into space and let the real world drip away like sidewalk chalk in a rainstorm. I fall into books, forgetting everything around me, completely absorbed into the fantasy world spread open for me across crisp pages. When I have the chance to escape and enjoy a little me time I want the impossible.
I set the stage with low soft lights, sometimes just fairy lights by the headboard, sometimes very nice candles. A nice cool glass of something that will make my head fuzzy and dreamy is always a nice bonus (blue Hawaiians are a favorite)With the stage set all I need is a script, a good steamy sensual bit of erotica. Books sweep me away to joys that are beyond the normal everyday. So let me build the fantasy for you:
I hungrily devour the luscious scene brought to my feverish mind by the authors cunning use of words. My fantasy lover is stroking, massaging and licking all the right places. I feel my toes curl with those of the horoin as he continues to titillate. The discreet use of a remote adds to the realism of my own imagination, I am transported to anywhere my mind wants and the combination of pages of passion and a bullet has me enraptured and escalating. At some point the book will become forgotten as my mind spins with the images it conjures and the sensations overpower the ability to comprehend anything but the power of fantasy.
Pick up a book, a good one and let the naughty images fill your head, and the little toy will do the rest! Enjoy

Suggested Reading
Laurel Haniliton (more than human)
Nora Roberts ( lots and lots of story line try the short stories first)
Delta of Venus (short stories for the open minded)

Friday, April 30, 2010

7 Solo Nights Part 1

Elizabeth is so not a princess, she is one of the hardest working micro farmers I know. We never see her without dirt under her nails and torn up jeans. So when she volunteered for the first of the Solo write ups I was not expecting what she sent me.

"Nobody Better" or "Every Princess"
There is a point when life is just too dirty. Whether it is work or diapers or a mean fight with the man/woman in your life. Sometimes a solo night is just what you need to rejuvenate your love of life or just yourself. My favorite treat to myself is ultimate decadence to counter all the grime. You deserve the most beautiful things in life you work hard enough for them.
I love the low lighting and soft music, something slow and romantic, no vocals, this is all about me. Then I run a nice bath, lots of steamy hot water, oils salts and lotions. no fighting with a razor. While the tub is filling I set out candles, champeign and my favorite chocolates. Then sit on a silky smooth pillow and rub on a decadent mask and lotion. I love taking my time with a thick and rich moisturizer, rubbing slowly from feet up my legs, and thighs taking time, not on trouble spots but on fun spots. Around the back and up my hips, over my breasts and arms back to the breasts and some special attention to everything that feels wonderful. Down my torso to the junction of my thighs. This is only the beginning of the night so I massage not play. Then it is time to slip into the hot slippery water. At this point it should feel like liquid silk. I take a bite of dark chocolate and let it melt, a sip of champeign and a waterproof remote toy. There are several products that are perfect for this. Just lay back with the remote in reach, start off slow and sensual, listen to the music and feel the chocolate and the bubbly champeign. Feel the tingle of the water and the soft vibrations, as relaxation turns to excitement I up the vibrations and run a hand over my oohhh so tingly soft skin. This is all a personal pace. I like to build and build to the explosion, but choose something fizzzzzy for the bath and you can get there so much faster!
It is all about the rich decedent goodness that we deny ourselves. Indulge.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

7 Solo Nights

This week solo pleasure came up in three separate conversations with lady friends of mine. It was amazing how different their tastes were from me and from one another. The vast difference inspired me to write a spin off of my own exploration. This will be on alternate suggestions for personal fun. My goal is to have a total of 7 separate stories, from 7 different women. I want to know their ideal solo night practices. Whether they write it or I do after interviewing them, I want to illustrate how diverse solo pleasure can be. I think this will be a real learning experience for me and I hope you also get something from it!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

No more excuses:

It has been a long and BORING week. The weather has been terrible and nothing is on tv. I decided that I had run out of reasons to put off going through my little bag of goodies. I was also tired of getting questioning looks from my girly friends. Not that I had even seen them since the party, but I still felt the question. OK I also had a lunch date planned with them both and knew I would never hear the end of it if I had not posted. So I grabbed a glass of Muscat and spread all my goodies out on the bed. Some of the items were down right terrifying, and some looked like they belonged in any bathroom. Coward that I am I went with some warming lube, a feather and the tiniest vibe there. I loved the warming lube, I rubbed it on my feet, I know i know not erotic but it felt great! The feather I think is more for a couple, it did feel nice and slightly arousing, but it would definitely have been more effective in a tie me up strip me down situation. The vibe was a wonderful little massager. I would love to be able to take it to work with me for when my hands get tired and cramp from typing.
Though thoroughly enjoyable I knew my friends would have a fit, so I put on some music turned down the lights lay back with a well loved TV show and reached into the bag. It was way beyond me, so I reached in again and found a 7 function vibrating bullet called an egg. It did not have instructions and I did not want to look it up online so I lathered on the warming lube and ran this little egg all over myself, ending between my legs. It felt incredible! For a first time toy user I highly recommend this! It was a great massage and then the stimulation on the clit was wonderful. I took a deep breath, waited for a great part in the show and slid the little egg inside myself. It was remote so I just laid back and played with the dial.
Though I prefer the weight of another person when I climax, this experience is worth the embarrassment of posting it. It was just the way I wanted it when I wanted it. It lasted as long as I needed and the 7 speeds made it fun and intense. Though this in no way replaces a partner, it is great for nights alone.
Good luck to anyone looking for sexual liberation, I have taken that first scary step and found it exhilarating! So there my darling friends I have posted. Now you had better read!
Love and kisses

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's to come

Careful when saying yes to someone else planning your parties!!!!!

Yesterday was my birthday, and no we will not discuss numbers. My girly friends threw me a little get together, mostly for me but also to test a new business adventure. One specializes in sensual catering, the other in adult toys. During this giggling, blushing, eating event my friend made a heart rending speech. The highlights of this were "We love you Rachel, as repressed as you are, and we want to challenge you for this next year." At this point she handed me a beautiful bag with an obscenely large red bow. "These are a few of our faves and some purchased for you by your guests." (here wine glasses were raised and a cheer went up. "Try something every so often and write about it. Not daily, but keep us posted. Have fun! And please add some safe spice to your life!!!"
I opened the bag to a collection of oils, toys and who new what else. I took a deep breath, this was intimidating "OK," I squeaked, "But you all have to promise to read!!!!" Another cheer another bottle of wine and my catering friend slipped up beside me. "Whether it was you or the food or the toys I think this will be a success." She smiled at me and rubbed my back. "If you get scared trade me for bath products.......... but this is a chance to explore sexual liberation for free, and entertain us!" She kissed my cheek and said she would be the first to subscribe and would let me order through her for new stuff if I lasted more than a month. I don't think I was properly enthusiastic but maybe after another bottle of wine.
So day one of my new product testing blog, I have no idea if this should be a narrative or a dry analysis. I am going to reach in the bag and pull out......... something, and I will post all about it on Tuesdays.
Wish me luck!!!!