Monday, May 17, 2010

7 Solo Nights Part 2

So sorry dear readers for the tardiness of my posting. It was more difficult than I thought it would be to get details from my normally chatty friends. Here, however, is the 2nd Solo story from one of the more gabby Ladies.

Elyssa: Fantasy Lover

I love to daydream, stare off into space and let the real world drip away like sidewalk chalk in a rainstorm. I fall into books, forgetting everything around me, completely absorbed into the fantasy world spread open for me across crisp pages. When I have the chance to escape and enjoy a little me time I want the impossible.
I set the stage with low soft lights, sometimes just fairy lights by the headboard, sometimes very nice candles. A nice cool glass of something that will make my head fuzzy and dreamy is always a nice bonus (blue Hawaiians are a favorite)With the stage set all I need is a script, a good steamy sensual bit of erotica. Books sweep me away to joys that are beyond the normal everyday. So let me build the fantasy for you:
I hungrily devour the luscious scene brought to my feverish mind by the authors cunning use of words. My fantasy lover is stroking, massaging and licking all the right places. I feel my toes curl with those of the horoin as he continues to titillate. The discreet use of a remote adds to the realism of my own imagination, I am transported to anywhere my mind wants and the combination of pages of passion and a bullet has me enraptured and escalating. At some point the book will become forgotten as my mind spins with the images it conjures and the sensations overpower the ability to comprehend anything but the power of fantasy.
Pick up a book, a good one and let the naughty images fill your head, and the little toy will do the rest! Enjoy

Suggested Reading
Laurel Haniliton (more than human)
Nora Roberts ( lots and lots of story line try the short stories first)
Delta of Venus (short stories for the open minded)