Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just for fun

We have been talking or typing, whatever, about solo nights, but that gives the impression that toys are for lonely harassed woman who don't like guys, don't have a guy, or can't get a guy, or ***gasp**** their guy does not please them, this is totally a misconception. Just for fun I bought a remote control bullet. It is this cute little tampon looking hot pink vibe. The remote is 30ft. Again it sounds like something for solo use, not so. I gave the power of the remote to my guy, thinking it would be fun to let him have control.

All the commercials and infomercials claim this little darlin will take you to over the top orgasms.......... well as far as I am concerned, they lied. This devil of a device got me to the edge and stopped, to the edge and stopped over and over until I thought I would cry. We were having a nice normal day, it was so much easier to talk to people I don't normally like when I have this delightfully vibrating secret. Cheerful to the point of scary, oh and the giggles, no one warns you that these things come with giggles. However as the day progressed hour after hour and no release I got very cranky, to the point that shy quite little me pulled my car over in a little camping area, and ravaged my guy. I mean broke the seat, ripped his cloths, may have drawn blood, ravaged. To say it was intense is an understatement. It was fun for him in a controlling kind of way but for me it was torture ending in explosive Ecstasy. These should come with a warning label may cause sexual frustration and ravaging.