Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tie me up Tie me down

For all of you lovely luscious people who adore a little drama in the bedroom, a slow start into BDSM is a tasty way to spice up your night. I always thought that I was oh so risque whenever I was tied or my lover was tied to the bedpost. I am not entirely sure how this came about but last night I was tied to my curtain rod with my own panties as a gag. Although I am no stranger to Bondage, Domination, Sado, masochism, my freaky darlings it is addictive!!!!! My skin still tingles at the very thought of it all. My cloths were cut from me, the sharp steel was cold and just enough of scary. I was then blindfolded. Music played heavy and dark. I felt the softness of leather before the whip slapped against my skin. It stung in just the right way, clawing,, biting, whips, slaps, rough, skilled, clever hands combined pain and pleasure like food and salt. I had found these delightful candles that are also lotion and oooooohhhhh was that a treat. I know it was very very light but it was delicious fun. I love being a little afraid when there is nothing to truly be afraid of. I may get into more detail, a small how to for beginners in bondage but for now I am going to fondle the welts on my arms and thighs and think of how just a little spice makes the meal. Kisses to all and steamy thoughts RR