Monday, June 7, 2010

7 Solo Nights Part 3

Dark deliciousness
Valla is the most detail oriented career minded person I know. That is until she is off work, then it is dark eye liner, 6 inch black boot heels and ity bity tank tops that show off risqué tattoos.

Valla: Give me rich thick blackness. Silk and satin with a little velvet for texture. I want leather, lace and just a touch of pain. This takes trust and imagination so who better to fulfill my wants than myself? I want it dark, if there is no-one’s eyes to fall into I want all my senses on full alert. I have the most beautiful and decadent glass vibe that is just for special occasions. Heavy metal, pounding base and rough manly voices, a glass piece straight from the fridge and no light at all, that is my solo night. I stretch out on black silk sheets, not a glimmer relieves the blackness, and the music is all around, pounding in my head, heart and blood. My lovely glass piece is just a little too cold. “Sex without pain is like food without salt” All senses are heightened, the heat of the room, the slide and slip of the sheets, cold vibrating glass and cinnamon all sharp and wonderfully erotic. That is my solo night.

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