Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Phthalate Free means what to me?

Upgrade is the new remodel, or facelift of our times. Everything is upgraded, there are so many apps and alterations, personalization's and designs, I easily forget what G's we are on.... except of course if it is the G. We are advancing in momentous leaps and bounds. Technology and the bedroom make a Delicious duo that ultimately has the sole purpose of meeting and exceeding every naughty need. remote mini bullets and i-vibes, let that special someone miles away control your pleasure, lube that is designed to mingle for ultimate mixing, and most importantly, safe materials. This is where phthalate comes in, it is the chemical used to make PVC soft and pliable. The dilemma is, this insidious little mixture does not bind to the pvc so it can leech out into you! Yuck, I absorb enough junk, sugar, coffee, smog, voluntarily I don't think I want to ad chemicals to my sexlife.

So my bedroom enhancement divas it is our job to demand quality products we can trust for our most demanding hungers and vulnerable places. I am not saying to go vegan with your pleasure aids but I for one want to limit the pollution here, I may not be a green goddess but I am goddess enough to know I don't want that!!!

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