Friday, April 30, 2010

7 Solo Nights Part 1

Elizabeth is so not a princess, she is one of the hardest working micro farmers I know. We never see her without dirt under her nails and torn up jeans. So when she volunteered for the first of the Solo write ups I was not expecting what she sent me.

"Nobody Better" or "Every Princess"
There is a point when life is just too dirty. Whether it is work or diapers or a mean fight with the man/woman in your life. Sometimes a solo night is just what you need to rejuvenate your love of life or just yourself. My favorite treat to myself is ultimate decadence to counter all the grime. You deserve the most beautiful things in life you work hard enough for them.
I love the low lighting and soft music, something slow and romantic, no vocals, this is all about me. Then I run a nice bath, lots of steamy hot water, oils salts and lotions. no fighting with a razor. While the tub is filling I set out candles, champeign and my favorite chocolates. Then sit on a silky smooth pillow and rub on a decadent mask and lotion. I love taking my time with a thick and rich moisturizer, rubbing slowly from feet up my legs, and thighs taking time, not on trouble spots but on fun spots. Around the back and up my hips, over my breasts and arms back to the breasts and some special attention to everything that feels wonderful. Down my torso to the junction of my thighs. This is only the beginning of the night so I massage not play. Then it is time to slip into the hot slippery water. At this point it should feel like liquid silk. I take a bite of dark chocolate and let it melt, a sip of champeign and a waterproof remote toy. There are several products that are perfect for this. Just lay back with the remote in reach, start off slow and sensual, listen to the music and feel the chocolate and the bubbly champeign. Feel the tingle of the water and the soft vibrations, as relaxation turns to excitement I up the vibrations and run a hand over my oohhh so tingly soft skin. This is all a personal pace. I like to build and build to the explosion, but choose something fizzzzzy for the bath and you can get there so much faster!
It is all about the rich decedent goodness that we deny ourselves. Indulge.

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  1. You just made me want to run a warm bath and melt the long day away!! Thanks Rachel