Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's to come

Careful when saying yes to someone else planning your parties!!!!!

Yesterday was my birthday, and no we will not discuss numbers. My girly friends threw me a little get together, mostly for me but also to test a new business adventure. One specializes in sensual catering, the other in adult toys. During this giggling, blushing, eating event my friend made a heart rending speech. The highlights of this were "We love you Rachel, as repressed as you are, and we want to challenge you for this next year." At this point she handed me a beautiful bag with an obscenely large red bow. "These are a few of our faves and some purchased for you by your guests." (here wine glasses were raised and a cheer went up. "Try something every so often and write about it. Not daily, but keep us posted. Have fun! And please add some safe spice to your life!!!"
I opened the bag to a collection of oils, toys and who new what else. I took a deep breath, this was intimidating "OK," I squeaked, "But you all have to promise to read!!!!" Another cheer another bottle of wine and my catering friend slipped up beside me. "Whether it was you or the food or the toys I think this will be a success." She smiled at me and rubbed my back. "If you get scared trade me for bath products.......... but this is a chance to explore sexual liberation for free, and entertain us!" She kissed my cheek and said she would be the first to subscribe and would let me order through her for new stuff if I lasted more than a month. I don't think I was properly enthusiastic but maybe after another bottle of wine.
So day one of my new product testing blog, I have no idea if this should be a narrative or a dry analysis. I am going to reach in the bag and pull out......... something, and I will post all about it on Tuesdays.
Wish me luck!!!!

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