Sunday, April 4, 2010

No more excuses:

It has been a long and BORING week. The weather has been terrible and nothing is on tv. I decided that I had run out of reasons to put off going through my little bag of goodies. I was also tired of getting questioning looks from my girly friends. Not that I had even seen them since the party, but I still felt the question. OK I also had a lunch date planned with them both and knew I would never hear the end of it if I had not posted. So I grabbed a glass of Muscat and spread all my goodies out on the bed. Some of the items were down right terrifying, and some looked like they belonged in any bathroom. Coward that I am I went with some warming lube, a feather and the tiniest vibe there. I loved the warming lube, I rubbed it on my feet, I know i know not erotic but it felt great! The feather I think is more for a couple, it did feel nice and slightly arousing, but it would definitely have been more effective in a tie me up strip me down situation. The vibe was a wonderful little massager. I would love to be able to take it to work with me for when my hands get tired and cramp from typing.
Though thoroughly enjoyable I knew my friends would have a fit, so I put on some music turned down the lights lay back with a well loved TV show and reached into the bag. It was way beyond me, so I reached in again and found a 7 function vibrating bullet called an egg. It did not have instructions and I did not want to look it up online so I lathered on the warming lube and ran this little egg all over myself, ending between my legs. It felt incredible! For a first time toy user I highly recommend this! It was a great massage and then the stimulation on the clit was wonderful. I took a deep breath, waited for a great part in the show and slid the little egg inside myself. It was remote so I just laid back and played with the dial.
Though I prefer the weight of another person when I climax, this experience is worth the embarrassment of posting it. It was just the way I wanted it when I wanted it. It lasted as long as I needed and the 7 speeds made it fun and intense. Though this in no way replaces a partner, it is great for nights alone.
Good luck to anyone looking for sexual liberation, I have taken that first scary step and found it exhilarating! So there my darling friends I have posted. Now you had better read!
Love and kisses

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